What We Do

Our Calling

  • Impact millions of Iranians through creative and youthful approaches to media production.
  • Equip and mobilize the fast-growing underground church in closed countries.
  • Provide biblical solutions to the struggles of Iranian youth through T.V. programs and dedicated follow-up teams.
  • Work diligently with organizations and individuals within the region while distributing literature and resources.
  • Raise awareness and prayer support for persecuted Christians.
  • Promote a message of peace and forgiveness in schools, universities and churches.
  • Advocate for international human rights and freedom of religion.
  • Share our family's testimony with the Western world and emphasize the call to global missions.


Social media is one of our most effective ministry tools today. Telegram is one of the few social media platforms that remains unfiltered in Iran, and with over 40 million Iranian users, it provides us an opportunity to share the Gospel message with a huge audience. Geranbaha (which means “precious”) is our social media ministry channel for the Farsi-speaking world. We produce and share original Christian content on a daily basis with over 23,000 followers on various social media platforms. Many young Iranians are searching for an alternative to Islam, and Geranbaha allows us to present them with the best alternative: the Gospel.


Hovsepian Ministries is involved in producing quality T.V. programs that are broadcast every week around the world through satellite stations. The majority of Iranians have access to satellite television, where they have the opportunity to hear the message of salvation, learn how to grow in their faith, and gain access to deep bible studies and worship music.


As a result of our media outreach strategy we have a fast growing communication network with Christian Iranians and the rest of the Farsi-speaking world, including Afghans. A trained, experienced and biblically knowledgeable team is devoted to following up on individuals through a one-on-one based communication system. As a result, many Iranians have received salvation and continue to grow in their faith. The follow-up ministry has supported marriage restorations, reunions, freedom from bondage, the breaking of bad habits, and a stronger stand against temptation.


Our latest, award-winning documentary, A Cry From Iran, has been screened at churches, theatres, and universities. The film’s compelling story has resonated strongly with a Western audience. By shedding light on the persecuted church in Iran, the film presents a strong contrast to the religious freedom enjoyed by those in the West. As a result, the film has motivated Western audiences all around the world to remember the persecuted church in their prayers.


The Iranian church around the world is growing more than ever before and needs worship leaders and evangelists with the ability to lead people into a deeper knowledge and worship of our Lord Savior. We regularly prepare and deliver seminars in different parts of the world for the training and equipping of Iranian worship leaders and evangelists who use media for their ministry.


We are regularly making ourselves available for worship concerts in Farsi-speaking churches in the U.S. and all around the world. This is always an amazing opportunity to bring the message of salvation to an audience who are thirsty to find the true love of God. We have witnessed the power of worship and its ability to soften the hearts of Iranians.